Senin, 24 November 2008

Counter Strike : Condition Zero (Portable)

Counter Strike : Condition Zero (Portable)

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is the newer version of the multiplayer game, Counter-Strike. The game was released in 2004 using the GoldSrc Half-Life engine. CS: CZ features a multiplayer mode, which mostly features updated character models, textures, maps and other graphical tweaks.
It is one of most famous shooting game in this century..!!
***this includes new maps like cs_vagina, cs_deathmatch, cs_mansion2000, cs_mansion4, de_dust 3 and many more..Also, you can play this online together with your friends..The instruction is inside..

But, if you don't want to play it online with your friend (if your home doesn't have any internet connection or something), you can just play alone with the bot (computer players) with 4 different levels :



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