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Naruto Manga Chapter 439

Naruto Manga Chapter 439 is out!

The title of this chapter was "Chibaku Tensei".

You can download it or just read it online for free (just english version, so far).

Just click the link below to download or read it online.

Enjoy it!

Naruto Manga Chapter 439

English version | Download - MF | Read Online (by SleepyFans)

Here is the review (spoiler):

Chibaku tensei, Pain's secret jutsu! Wow, this jutsu was extremely strong! Even, the 6-tailed form of Naruto was lose, too. This jutsu was locked Naruto on something like cage, makes him to gave up. Naruto was so confused. And because of that, 6-tailed become 8-tail! Yes, 8-tail!!! Even Pain can't believe it. And Yamato still far from Naruto. But, exactly in this dangerous situation, the 4th hokage appears. Actually, the seal of Naruto is designed to show him when Naruto become a 8-tailed form. A reunion begin! What will happens, with 4th hokage in front of kyuubi...??? Let's see the next chapter!

Well, next, Naruto Chapter 440

NOTE: I'm sorry for my bad english. I just wanna improve my english with this blog, you know. So, I wish, in the future, I can speak english better.

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Senin, 09 Maret 2009

Naruto Chapter 438 is out!

Naruto Chapter 438 is out!
The title of this chapter was: "Breaking the Seal"
You can download it or just read it online (Indonesian and/or English version)
just click the link below...

Naruto Chapter 438 :

English --> Download - (no mirrors yet) | Read Online (Scanlation by SleepyFans)
Indonesian --> Download - IDWS | Read Online (Scanlation by ZiziElectric)

Review (Spoiler):

This time, Naruto continued his battle with the leader of akatsuki, pain. The 6-tailed Naruto is extremely strong! Even, Pain's Shinra Tensei didn't work anymore with him! But, it's also dangerous to Naruto's body too. Yamato, the one who can rescue Naruto from 6-tailed mode was far from konoha, searching for Kabuto. With 6-tailed Naruto, he must returned fast to Konoha, to stop the 6-tailed mode of Naruto. But, Pain almost ready with his secret jutsu. God realm was taking Naruto to a forest to prepare his jutsu. How will the next chapter be, with Pain's jutsu, and the angry of naruto? Let's see the next chapter!

Next, Naruto Chapter 439...

note : I'm sorry for my bad english. You know, with this blog, I want to improve my english, so, in the future, my english will be better.

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Kamis, 05 Maret 2009

Setting "Show Hidden Files and Folders" via Registry

Today, in the school, my friend wanted some help from me. He asked me to showing his hidden files or folders he saved in his USB Flash Disk. He already setting it manually via Folder Options in Tools > Folder Options, then he choosed Show hidden files and folders, but it's didn't work. Well, I remembered that there is another way how to setting it, via registry! I ever do that on my mom's notebook, but I forget where I should change the DWORD data for showing hidden files and folders.

Than, when I arrived at home, I was very confused how to do that. So, i tried to googling, but I didn't find how to set it exactly like I did on my mom's. Finally, I tried to FIND IT MYSELF through registry editor, and I found it! Yeah, finally, I remember how to do that. From the very start, I also remember that I ever made a script to do that in batch file, but I forgot on which computer I saved it and on what folder? But now I remember, so here is how to do that

First, open Run... dialog by choosing start menu --> Run, or press Win + R

Then, type regedit or regedt32, then press enter
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
You will see a value name "Hidden" in this key, if not, make a new one by doing right click --> New --> DWORD Value, than type "Hidden" for the name (caSe SenSitiVe)...
From here, there will be 2 options...

1 - if you want to show your hidden files and folders, just change the data of Hidden to 1, you can do that by doing double click in Hidden value, than change the data and press enter
2 - if you want to hide it, you can change the data to 2, you can do that by doing double click in Hidden value, than change the data and press enter

Now, check in Windows Explorer, your files or folders that hidden must be visible if you choose option number 1, and invisible if you choose option number 2.

Ok, that's it guys...

And for make it easier, I also make a script like I told you before in a batch file (.bat file). I will share it soon after I totally finished making the script. I also hope I can write the script in VB6...


Finally, I made a program to do all the steps above.
Here the link to download this program.

Download --> KU

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Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

Painting the complicated drawing

Today, I did my usual activity, go to school. Today subject was Computer, Biology, Art (Painting), Arabic Language, Math, and Geography. Well, I'll start from Computer.

My First subject today was computer. I learned how to lock a cell in MS Excel today, which it's make easier to run a same operation with one cell from many different cells. Then, I learned about human grow in biology. I'll tell you about Art later, much to tell in this subject ^^. In Arabic language subject, something good happens today. What is it? It's a delayed test! Yeah! Actually, my teacher really wanted to had a test today, but because time problem, it's delayed! I think I lucky I have Art today, because if it isn't Art today, the test will be begin.

In Geography( I won't tell you about math), we had free hours, so I can used it to continue my painting job, like my friends. In this painting job, we have to draw a picture with in a canvas (kanvas in indonesia) with 60x75 size. And to make it easier, we don't have to draw it alone, it's 2 people pair (is my english structure true, 2 people pair?). My team draw a shukaku, an one-tailed monster in Naruto series. Even my teacher told us to draw in 60x75 size, but my friend told me to draw in 60x80 size canvas, he size to make it easier (because the ratio is same with the shukaku picture we want to draw, so we can imitate it easier). Well, I agree with him.

But now, I don't know, but I think our picture is too hard to paint. Because the picture is too detail. Even, my friend in my team who draw it, who known as "genius in drawing" said, "It's hard to paint. I'm very afraid. The picture I draw is too detail." Then I said to him,"Maybe it's better if we change our picture. Let's buy some new canvas and draw another picture, an easier one." Then he said,"Are you crazy!? Did you know how much we paid for the canvas and also the paint!??" But, in other time, he also said that it will better if we change the picture and canvas. So, we're planning to change the picture, if it's possible.

Ok, that's a few story about today. Now, I have to do a little homework for tomorrow. I wish tomorrow will be better from today. And hope you're not boring to read my boring article ^^.

See you next case!

NOTE: I'm sorry for my bad english. I just do this to improve my english, so, I wish, in the future my english will be better.

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Minggu, 01 Maret 2009

Naruto 437 is out!

Yeah, naruto chapter 437 is out!

The title of this chapter is "Confession".

You can download it or just read it online.

Here is the download or read online link

Naruto ch 437 English (by SleepyFans) | download - MF | read online

Naruto ch 437 Indonesian (by UFTeam) | download - KU - IDWS | read online

Review (Spoiler) :

This chapter is still about Naruto who is fighting against pain, the leader of akatsuki. As you know, in the previous version (ch 436), pain is hiding on mountain near konoha, together with Konan. Now, the villager of Konoha is searching for Pain. In other side, Naruto is almost done with Pain. Actually, he well lose if there isn't Hinata with him. Yes, Hinata is helping naruto on his battle, then she was killed. Killed Hinata make Naruto angry, so he's showing again "the real him", the 6-tailed fox!

When Naruto showing that, Neji and his team (Lee, Guy, and ...) is back from their mission. How the fight will be, with the 6-tailed Naruto and Guy's team there? Plus Konohas villager try to finding pain? Let's wait the next chapter!

Next, Naruto Chapter 438

note : I'm sorry for my bad english, you know, with this blog, I'm just trying to make my english better in the future.

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Rabu, 25 Februari 2009

Diary writing?

Today, I go to school on 6.30 a.m. I'm afraid I will late. But luckily, I arrived at school about 1-3 minutes before the bells ring. And because today is wednesday, I must pray Dhuha with my friends before class started. So, I went to the mosque to do that. Then, I study like usual.

Today, I have english subject. Something special happens on my english subject today. Why or what is it? Well, not too special but I think it's important. My teacher told the entire class to practice english more. She told us to write diary, every day, with english. It's to make our english better. Because, our english wasn't good enough.

So, from now, I will write a diary like this in my blog to practice my english. You can see how bad my english with this diary, right? I want to make it better, so I will write a diary like this. I hope I can fix my english with this.

Okay, finally, sorry for my bad english

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