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Naruto Chapter 438 is out!

Naruto Chapter 438 is out!
The title of this chapter was: "Breaking the Seal"
You can download it or just read it online (Indonesian and/or English version)
just click the link below...

Naruto Chapter 438 :

English --> Download - (no mirrors yet) | Read Online (Scanlation by SleepyFans)
Indonesian --> Download - IDWS | Read Online (Scanlation by ZiziElectric)

Review (Spoiler):

This time, Naruto continued his battle with the leader of akatsuki, pain. The 6-tailed Naruto is extremely strong! Even, Pain's Shinra Tensei didn't work anymore with him! But, it's also dangerous to Naruto's body too. Yamato, the one who can rescue Naruto from 6-tailed mode was far from konoha, searching for Kabuto. With 6-tailed Naruto, he must returned fast to Konoha, to stop the 6-tailed mode of Naruto. But, Pain almost ready with his secret jutsu. God realm was taking Naruto to a forest to prepare his jutsu. How will the next chapter be, with Pain's jutsu, and the angry of naruto? Let's see the next chapter!

Next, Naruto Chapter 439...

note : I'm sorry for my bad english. You know, with this blog, I want to improve my english, so, in the future, my english will be better.

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