Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

Painting the complicated drawing

Today, I did my usual activity, go to school. Today subject was Computer, Biology, Art (Painting), Arabic Language, Math, and Geography. Well, I'll start from Computer.

My First subject today was computer. I learned how to lock a cell in MS Excel today, which it's make easier to run a same operation with one cell from many different cells. Then, I learned about human grow in biology. I'll tell you about Art later, much to tell in this subject ^^. In Arabic language subject, something good happens today. What is it? It's a delayed test! Yeah! Actually, my teacher really wanted to had a test today, but because time problem, it's delayed! I think I lucky I have Art today, because if it isn't Art today, the test will be begin.

In Geography( I won't tell you about math), we had free hours, so I can used it to continue my painting job, like my friends. In this painting job, we have to draw a picture with in a canvas (kanvas in indonesia) with 60x75 size. And to make it easier, we don't have to draw it alone, it's 2 people pair (is my english structure true, 2 people pair?). My team draw a shukaku, an one-tailed monster in Naruto series. Even my teacher told us to draw in 60x75 size, but my friend told me to draw in 60x80 size canvas, he size to make it easier (because the ratio is same with the shukaku picture we want to draw, so we can imitate it easier). Well, I agree with him.

But now, I don't know, but I think our picture is too hard to paint. Because the picture is too detail. Even, my friend in my team who draw it, who known as "genius in drawing" said, "It's hard to paint. I'm very afraid. The picture I draw is too detail." Then I said to him,"Maybe it's better if we change our picture. Let's buy some new canvas and draw another picture, an easier one." Then he said,"Are you crazy!? Did you know how much we paid for the canvas and also the paint!??" But, in other time, he also said that it will better if we change the picture and canvas. So, we're planning to change the picture, if it's possible.

Ok, that's a few story about today. Now, I have to do a little homework for tomorrow. I wish tomorrow will be better from today. And hope you're not boring to read my boring article ^^.

See you next case!

NOTE: I'm sorry for my bad english. I just do this to improve my english, so, I wish, in the future my english will be better.

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