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Setting "Show Hidden Files and Folders" via Registry

Today, in the school, my friend wanted some help from me. He asked me to showing his hidden files or folders he saved in his USB Flash Disk. He already setting it manually via Folder Options in Tools > Folder Options, then he choosed Show hidden files and folders, but it's didn't work. Well, I remembered that there is another way how to setting it, via registry! I ever do that on my mom's notebook, but I forget where I should change the DWORD data for showing hidden files and folders.

Than, when I arrived at home, I was very confused how to do that. So, i tried to googling, but I didn't find how to set it exactly like I did on my mom's. Finally, I tried to FIND IT MYSELF through registry editor, and I found it! Yeah, finally, I remember how to do that. From the very start, I also remember that I ever made a script to do that in batch file, but I forgot on which computer I saved it and on what folder? But now I remember, so here is how to do that

First, open Run... dialog by choosing start menu --> Run, or press Win + R

Then, type regedit or regedt32, then press enter
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
You will see a value name "Hidden" in this key, if not, make a new one by doing right click --> New --> DWORD Value, than type "Hidden" for the name (caSe SenSitiVe)...
From here, there will be 2 options...

1 - if you want to show your hidden files and folders, just change the data of Hidden to 1, you can do that by doing double click in Hidden value, than change the data and press enter
2 - if you want to hide it, you can change the data to 2, you can do that by doing double click in Hidden value, than change the data and press enter

Now, check in Windows Explorer, your files or folders that hidden must be visible if you choose option number 1, and invisible if you choose option number 2.

Ok, that's it guys...

And for make it easier, I also make a script like I told you before in a batch file (.bat file). I will share it soon after I totally finished making the script. I also hope I can write the script in VB6...


Finally, I made a program to do all the steps above.
Here the link to download this program.

Download --> KU

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