Jumat, 13 Maret 2009

Naruto Manga Chapter 439

Naruto Manga Chapter 439 is out!

The title of this chapter was "Chibaku Tensei".

You can download it or just read it online for free (just english version, so far).

Just click the link below to download or read it online.

Enjoy it!

Naruto Manga Chapter 439

English version | Download - MF | Read Online (by SleepyFans)

Here is the review (spoiler):

Chibaku tensei, Pain's secret jutsu! Wow, this jutsu was extremely strong! Even, the 6-tailed form of Naruto was lose, too. This jutsu was locked Naruto on something like cage, makes him to gave up. Naruto was so confused. And because of that, 6-tailed become 8-tail! Yes, 8-tail!!! Even Pain can't believe it. And Yamato still far from Naruto. But, exactly in this dangerous situation, the 4th hokage appears. Actually, the seal of Naruto is designed to show him when Naruto become a 8-tailed form. A reunion begin! What will happens, with 4th hokage in front of kyuubi...??? Let's see the next chapter!

Well, next, Naruto Chapter 440

NOTE: I'm sorry for my bad english. I just wanna improve my english with this blog, you know. So, I wish, in the future, I can speak english better.

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