Minggu, 01 Maret 2009

Naruto 437 is out!

Yeah, naruto chapter 437 is out!

The title of this chapter is "Confession".

You can download it or just read it online.

Here is the download or read online link

Naruto ch 437 English (by SleepyFans) | download - MF | read online

Naruto ch 437 Indonesian (by UFTeam) | download - KU - IDWS | read online

Review (Spoiler) :

This chapter is still about Naruto who is fighting against pain, the leader of akatsuki. As you know, in the previous version (ch 436), pain is hiding on mountain near konoha, together with Konan. Now, the villager of Konoha is searching for Pain. In other side, Naruto is almost done with Pain. Actually, he well lose if there isn't Hinata with him. Yes, Hinata is helping naruto on his battle, then she was killed. Killed Hinata make Naruto angry, so he's showing again "the real him", the 6-tailed fox!

When Naruto showing that, Neji and his team (Lee, Guy, and ...) is back from their mission. How the fight will be, with the 6-tailed Naruto and Guy's team there? Plus Konohas villager try to finding pain? Let's wait the next chapter!

Next, Naruto Chapter 438

note : I'm sorry for my bad english, you know, with this blog, I'm just trying to make my english better in the future.

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